Corporate Responsibilities

In cooperation with the Washington DC recycling law, Akridge is committed to providing you and your office all necessary information needed to implement and maintain an efficient recycling program.

Each office should be equipped with following items for effective recycling:

  • Central Mixed Paper Recycling Containers
  • Suggested location: put one in each copy room
  • Central Bottle and Can Recycling Containers
  • Suggested location: kitchen or break rooms
  • Individual Desk Mixed Paper Recycling Containers
  • Suggested location: one at every individual’s desk

Recycling enforcement has increased as the DC Department of Public Works inspects commercial buildings to confirm that guidelines are met.

These include: each work station has a mixed paper receptacle, central collection bins are clearly marked and plentiful, non-recyclables are not in recycle bins and recyclables are not in trash bins. Citations and fines may be issued for non-compliance.

Please contact Akridge if we may provide assistance with proper recycling or the inspection process.