Recycling Information

Paper Recycling

Most paper products are recyclable and can be commingled in the central specified collection bin.

For convenience, individual recycling bins should be placed at every employee’s desk. These individual bins should be emptied into the central collection bin by each employee as needed. The central recycling bin is emptied nightly by the cleaning service.

Should you require additional individual recycling bins for your staff, please let us know by calling the Akridge Client Service line at: 202.638.3000, or submit a service request by visiting

Acceptable items for paper recycling include:

  • White office paper
  • Newspapers, catalogs & magazines
  • Mail envelopes, junk mail & folders
  • Telephone books
  • Cereal & frozen food boxes
  • Paperboard & cardboard

Items NOT acceptable for paper recycling include:

  • Paper plates & pizza boxes
  • Disposable coffee cups
  • Napkins
  • Paper towels or tissues
  • Tyvek envelopes (i.e.FedEx or UPS packs made of white plastic-like material
  • Copy paper wrappers

Light & Electronic Recycling

In addition to the Washington DC mandated recycling collections, Akridge has incorporated additional recycling collections that include light bulb recycling and electronic recycling.

Lights (i.e. fluorescent lights, LEDs, etc)

Each time a building staff member changes a light, the lights are collected and packaged in safety bags. The bags are then collected by a recycling contractor and the mercury is safely disposed.

Electronic Recycling (i.e. computers,keyboards, monitors, fax machines, phones, HVAC units, etc)

Akridge promotes electronic recycling collection for Clients. Call the Akridge Client Service line at 202.638.3000, or submit a service request online at to submit a list of collectables. A member of your building staff will come to your office and collect your specified recyclables.

All equipment is disposed of in a protective and environmentally friendly manner.

The collection is free of charge to all building Clients.

Akridge created this guide as a resource to be shared and referenced often.

Bottle & Can Recycling

Plastic, glass and aluminum bottles and cans can be commingled in the central specified collection bin.

Acceptable items for bottle and can recycling:

  • Aluminum cans
  • Metal food cans
  • Glass bottles (clear & colored glass)
  • Plastic & glass narrow-neck bottles

Items NOT acceptable for bottle and can recycling include:

  • Scrap metal, aluminum foil, foil pans
  • Plastic food containers (i.e. yogurt cups, frozen meal containers)
  • Plastic utensils & dining ware
  • Bubble wrap

Special Recycling Requests?

Call the Akridge Client Service line at 202.638.3000 or submit a service request online at

Recycling bins are provided by Akridge. If you need additional bins or wish to purchase specialty recycling products at a discounted price, please let us know.

Recycling Resources

  • Official Commercial Guide:
  • DC Recycling Hotline: 202.645.8245
  • Department of Public Works: 202.645.7191

Recycling Guidelines by State

Want a detailed description of your state's recycling guidelines?
Please visit Department of Public Works' website,
or contact your Property Manager for more information.

District of Columbia