Recycling Q&As

Q: Who says I have to recycle?

A: It’s the right thing to do and it’s the law. In 1989 the “DC Solid Waste Management and Multi-Material Recycling Act of 1988” took effect mandating that all commercial establishments implement a recycling program. Recently the Department of Public Works has heightened its enforcement of recycling and is monitoring these programs to ensure their effectiveness. Violations of the District’s recycling laws are subject to tickets and fines ranging from $25 to $1000.

Q: Why is recycling important?

A: Recycling conserves valuable landfill space and saves natural resources and energy. It is also a responsible way to reduce waste, trash and litter, doing your part to be a good corporate citizen. As mentioned above, recycling is the law in DC.

Q: Where can your office get all of the necessary recycling containers?

A: Your Akridge property management team is happy to assist in providing the necessary materials to ensure your office is recycling responsibly.

Q: What do the cleaners do with the recyclables?

A: The cleaning contractors have two barrels on their collection carts: a gray barrel for trash collection, and a blue barrel for recycle collection. Each barrel has complimenting colored liner bags. When collection is complete the grey bags inside the grey barrels get put in the building’s central trash collection, for pick up by the building’s trash contractor and the blue bags inside the blue barrels get put in the building’s central recycling collection bin for pick up by the building’s recycle contractor.